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About Our Web Application Testing Services

Web Applicaton Testing in simple terms is to check your web application for potential bugs before it is made live. It ensures you that everything is in place on factors such as web application security, the functioning of the site, its access to regular users and its ability to handle traffic, which eventually lends a user-friendly experience at the client’s end.

Kryptora provides a wide range of testing services on web application & websites with the support of our web application development expertise and years of software testing services experience.

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Our Services

Functional Testing

Our testing experts are trained to utilize industry standard scientific test techniques to perform an optimized testing while ensuring functional coverage.

Performance Testing

Kryptora offers a complete solution for performance testing, from detection and analysis through to corrective action. With a comprehensive knowledge base, Our performance testing services can save your development effort.

Usability Testing

Our usability testing services cover both web and mobile versions of applications and includes tests such as screen resolution checks, compatibility across devices and operating systems.

Compatibility Testing

Our compatibility testing services ensure that the compatibility of your system/website/application/ is readily and flawlessly compatible with various other objects like hardware platforms, web browsers, database, hardware, users etc.

Load Testing

Our load testers check and screen the fundamental parameters, for example, transmission capacity, memory pages per second, hits per second, memory usage, thread counts, garbage collection, dynamic sessions and more.

UI/Beauty Testing

WE provide services specifically to test the functionality, performance, and effectiveness of User Interface. In easy terms, we check if your menus, forms, graphical elements, buttons, etc. work and perform smoothly on all devices and platforms.

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