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Kryptora Infotech, is an Indian corporation that provides security services, Digital marketing services, information technology services, software development and outsourcing services. Kryptora Infotech is the largest Indian IT company since 2018, headquarter in Noida.

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Business innovation is the execution of developing something unique or upgrade that better serves a business. This can contain anew product or service, a system development, or anything else that upgrade the organization in a new way.

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Signify every member of its team, Kryptora Infotech not only informs you who everyone is and what they do, but it also gives you a glance of who they are outside of the office and how it gets in touch with them as well. This information make the team and the organization and brand that much more engaging and friendly.

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Everyone defines integrity as doing the good thing even when no one else is around. Itis the skill to act with honesty and be stable in every situation whatever it is you are doing based on the particularly high value or belief compass you have.

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One-Stop Training Agency

Since 2018, has been offering professional training to IT professionals and students. It specializes and is well-known for training students as well as working professionals in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Programming languages, hardware and networking. It is run and managed by a seasoned professionals who leads a team of educators and trainers having relevant domain expertise.

Kryptora has more than 100, employees and through their efforts & commitment, Kryptora has grown to become a good revenue.


Kryptora Infotech Pvt Ltd in Noida, Delhi is one of the leading businesses in the Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Web Application Development, Also known for Computer Training Institutes, Ethical Hacking Services, Computer Training Institutes For Python, Software development, Website Designing, Data scientist Training Institutes, Data Analysis Services, digital marketing and much more. Our main Motto is to aware students and Professionals about Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security,Hacking with Python, UNIX, LINUX Servers, PHP with Security, Python with Desktop Application Development, Data Analysis, Android Application Development using Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and much more. We educate students and professionals about the latest technology, Desktop Application Development using Python, Web Application Development using Python, Android/iOS Application Development using Python, Hacking with Python, Game Development using Python, Vulnerabilities patches, loopholes, insecure Gateways, and provide them Latest techniques by which they can secure themselves.

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Kryptora helps clients in other countries also to create and perform different strategies for their security system. Kryptora helps businesses to revitalize & improve the current situation so that their business can accomplish higher efficiencies and stay connected according to the current situation.

Digital Lovers

Kryptora Infotech is a team of Network Infosec Professionals and Developers contributing to secure the IT Industry by providing Multiple Services to the individuals and Corporate.

Kryptora offers wide ranges of security services to it clients. We are designed, developed and established with an aim of delivering the word of Information Security all across the globe and Python Programming Language among Indian youth by Organizing Workshops and Competitions at National Level which is headquartered in Noida.

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Kryptora’s Instructor-led Classroom Training is a live training by the domain expert Instructor.

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We provides corporate training in emerging technologies like IT, project management and more..

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Our Industrial training programs focus on practical in our labs, Simulation kits, and on-site exposure, bridging the gap between industry and academia.

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We also have an online training facility with the help of video lectures and online courses which will be explained by our experts..

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We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

At this company, one can get trained in the subject of their choice by opting from a wide range of courses. These easy-to-follow courses are primarily aimed at students, working professionals as well as IT professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and further their career prospects. Also we are provide wide range of services for Software Development, Web Application Development, Digital Marketing etc.

Instructor’s Profile​

Mr. MANISH KUMAR, (EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker(C|EH), EC Council Certified Security Analyst(E|CSA), EC Council Computer Hacking & Forensics Investigator(C|HFI))

Manish Kumar (C|EH) is a Computer Security Researcher and Instructor. Manish Kumar has 8 years of hands-on experience and achievement across the whole spectrum of technical and management aspects in Information Security Training and Consulting. Having 4 years of hands-on experience UNIX/LINUX of different flavor, 5 years exp Python and its different Packages like wxPython, Kivy, PyQt, Numpy, Matplotlib etc.

Having 4 years’ experience in PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, MySQL etc. His experience in the Information Security sectors is equally complemented by assignments undertaken for heavyweight world renowned corporations. He is currently the Information Security Instructor for Kryptora infotech responsible for the technical realm and security management, which includes consulting teams with special responsibilities to initiate, develop and validate training programs for current security practices and procedures.

 His consulting and training undertakings cover specializing in Penetration Testing, Security Expert Advisor, UNIX/Linux, and PHP, PYTHON (Desktop Application Develop and Data Analysis, Hacking with Python etc.), BootStrap and secure infrastructure design. He is constantly engaged in helping businesses optimize their systems security vision. He is acknowledged as a consultant and trainer serving large organizations with cutting edge IT security.

 His wide range of all product experience has helped to develop his overall systems security knowledge. He has trained thousands of security professionals globally. Manish Kumar has given numerous speaking engagements for a variety of security and commercialassociations. He’s an active member OWASP and Innovative Hackers club.

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