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Digital Marketing composes of all the marketing ability that makes use of the Internet and the electronic devices as a vein.

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What is Digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Training at Kryptora is the marketing of your services and products using digital platforms, mainly on the internet by using different method of Digital Marketing which are known as SEO, video-marketing, SMM etc .  Digital Marketing composes of all the marketing ability that makes use of the Internet and the electronic devices as a vein. Business makes use of several digital channels like: email, mobile phone, SEO and their websites in order to connect with their current customers. Scope of Digital Marketing rising day  to day as the newly formed firm focus more and more on the digital marketing in order to speed-up the productivity. The recent years are eyewitness that there was a significant growth in this field and this depicts the importance of Digital Marketing training.

Components of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing was a wide network with a massive point of digital touch that customer will interact many times a day with their problems and they find a digital platform to solve that and the firm also uses digital channels for ranking or bringing their company on top. To effectively and efficiently utilize these channels, you need to have an understanding of each:

Pay-Per-click (PPC):                   

Pay-Per-click (PPC), Paid search advertising, is an internet model used to bring traffic to the webpage that results on (SERP) search engine result page for each click. And there are ads on the webpage which will charge you for every click they made on the ads the website offers the pay per click ads and an advertiser plays the role of publisher and the customer who is need of that service/product are will click on that ads so that the ads reaches to their targeted audience.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is practice for increasing the traffic to your webpage to get the organic search engine result page. In simple words, we can say that SEO is done to improve and increase the visibility for the searches which the customer is searching and add the relevant keyword to the content so it easily gets to the customer and gives the organic result. ON-page and OFF-page SEO is also a technique to increase the ranking of website online search result pages.

Content Marketing:

Content writing is a planned/strategic marketing focused on providing relevant, valuable and related content to fascinated the customer toward the website. Content Marketing is need to every website so that the Google crawlers are invited to read the content written on the webpage if the crawlers find the valuable information then it increases ranking and also crawlers comes to webpage to check whether the content is unique, copyright or there is nudity, hate presented or not and if they found any of issue then the ranking of the page gone down and it will never get ranking.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing means creating, designing, and sharing content on the internet in order to attain your marketing and branding purpose. In social media marketing activities like posting images, videos, and blogging content that attracts the people who use social sites. As now day’s people spend their maximum time on social sites so this is the best method of marketing today.

Mobile Marketing:

Mobile device become common today as each and every one have mobile phone in their pocket and marketing on mobile is convenient to reach to their specified customer as mobile phone are checked constantly at each and every hour throughout the day. So marketing become easy as one cam seen anything on mobile will be fixed in mind for some days and customer will reach by that marketing. And SMS, MMS and social sites are the option to reach to their customer.    

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Career and Scope Available after Digital Marketing Training:

Once you have completed the Digital Marketing Training From Kryptora InfoTech Meerut, you can work with the following jobs profiles. Content Writing Manager, Search Engine Optimization executive, Social Media Marketing, Web Developer, Copy writers, Digital Marketing Manager.


• Growth of Online Marketing

• Online Marketing Channels

 • Careers in Digital Marketing



• Objectives of Online Marketing

• Digital Marketing Case Studies

 • Elements of Digital Strategy

 • Live Exercise: Defining a Business        Objective

• Graphic Design Fundamentals

 • Logo & Key Banner Designing

 • Live Exercise: Logo Designing

• E-book- Why Create

 •Types of E-book

 • Live Exercise: E-book Designing

• How to Promote E Books

• Importance of Video Marketing

 • Types of Online Videos

• Building Explainer Video Scripts

 • Live Exercise: Creating Explainer Videos

• Customizing YouTube Channel

 • YouTube Profile & Past Best Practices

 • Live Exercise: YouTube Customization & Upload

  • • Principles of Lead Generation

     • Types of Lead Generation TDOIS

     • Live Exercise: Creating Lead Capturing Forms via. Google Forms

• Importance of Email Marketing • Email Marketing Tools

 • Live Walkthrough- Email Option Tool

 • How to Write Effective Emails

 • Weekly Email Strategy Creation

 • Live Exercise: Drafting HTMLE-mails

 • How to Build Effective Email List With Tools

• Live Exercise: List Building S Email Campaign

  • – Buying Domain & Hosting

     • Understanding C-panel

     • Installing Word-press

    • Customizing Theme

    • Building Home Page & Blog

     • Adding one Squeeze Page

    • Customizing Menu

     • Customization Practice & Doubt Session

    • z

      • Introduction to Web Analytics

       • Setting Up Google Analytics

       • Overview DF  Key GA Reports From Existing Data

       • Other Analytic Tools

      • Live Exercise: Analytics Report Audit

  • • What is Inbound Marketing

    • How to Generate Content Ideas

     • Building Content Calendars

     • Content Repurposing

• Elements of Effective Blog post

 • Helpful Tools to create a Blog post

• Live Exercise: Creating & Marketing a Blog Post

•Ad Copy Writing For Text & Banner Ads

 • Live Exercise Text & Banner Ads Copy Writing

• What is Social Media

* Importance of Social Media For Business

Important Topics


by Manish Kumar


SEO help to rank the page on google or other search engine by doing ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE activity
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Web- Designing and Development

Manish Kumar


Learn web-development programme with HTML, CSS, CSS 3, WORD PRESS and become high-demand.
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Trainer: Manish Hacker

Learn HTML Programming language for the designing of the website and it was a basic language.


Trainer: Manish Hacker

CSS Programming language is the advance language it was used to make the coading short and simple then the HTML.

About Kryptora:

Welcome to the Kryptora is a young Brand Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Designing industry in India offices of Kryptora Infotech is available in Meerut best Digital Marketing Programme in Meerut. Kryptora fulfills the dreams of students who want to learn Digital Marketing and it will provide the best training to students and the work of the real-time project is done on Kryptora. It is an Indian corporate firm that gives chance to their students to build their career in the various fields of Digital Marketing Programming that are Web-Development, Search Engine Optimization, PHP, Content writing, Social Media Marketing. And Kryptora Infotech is an Indian IT company since 2018, headquarters in Noida and its office in Meerut.
Looking for a great career in Digital Marketing? Searching for the best Digital Marketing training Institute in Meerut?

Then visit Kryptora infotech it is the one that gives the best Digital Marketing training  in Meerut and students learn the significant and important skills of Digital Marketing though which give the student a long term career prospects. We provide our students with the Real time projects of Digital Marketing and give the corporate working standard skills too. Kryptora is the planet to build your student future as it is the one of best Digital Marketing Programming Institute in Meerut. 

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I’ve learned most of my front end programming skills and some back end programming skills through self-study and the material available here.  Fabulous instructors are fantastic, interesting and enabled me to find a good job. Great place to learn!

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