Windows Certified Ethical Hacker

About Python

Python is an interpreted, dynamically typed language. Python uses indentation to create readable, even beautiful code. With Python’s vast array of built-in libraries, it can handle many jobs without the need for further libraries, allowing you to write useful code almost immediately. But Python’s extensive network of external libraries makes it easy to add functionality based on your needs.

It is a versatile embedded scripting language. It has a solid foundation of many web frameworks as an example Game Development, Desktop Application Development, Machine Learning, Automation(including in 3D software applications) Data Analysis and computation activities, Web Application Development, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Application Development, Hacking Tool Development etc.

Why Python

There are many good reasons to choose Python as your primary programming language. Python is most versatile computer programming language. In this time Python world most popular programming language and most used by programmers and Developers. Many large organization used to python programming language like that Google, Yahoo, Nokia, NASA, Microsoft etc. Python is an easy to learn and powerful programming language and vast collection of standard libraries.

  • Python easy to use
  • Python Popularity and High Salary
  • Free and Open Source
  • Interpreted Language
  • Expressive Language
  • Cross Platform Language
  • Integrated
  • Fast Development time
  • Fast app start
  • Less Coding
  • Very huge library in c++

About Windows Ethical Hacking Training

The Kryptora Windows Certified Ethical Hacker ([K]WCEH) course is a very powerful training program.

If you want to become a real Ethical Hacker or Information Security Professional, you must have core knowledge of minimum two Operating System(Windows, Linux), Batch Scripting, VBS scripting, Registry, any one programming language(Python), Networking, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript etc.

Kryptora InfoTech provided Kryptora Windows Certified Ethical Hacker ([K]WCEH) training program which include all type of core knowledge module of BlackHat Ethical Hacking.

Key Advantage to Students

We ensure that you will find our training program extremely beneficial. Such type of program not only give exposure to student regarding Information Security but also It will make them learn, creating awareness for daily life and add-on in their Curriculum Vitae.

  • Learn/practice about Information Security latest techniques and countermeasures directly from experienced certified professionals from EC Council, USA and Cyber Law certified.
  • 25% Theory (related to concept behind practical) and 75% total live demonstrations by our trainers on latest Information Security Techniques & Tools.
  • Learn & Interact with Information Security Expert.
  • Discussing cybercrime case studies.
  • Highest Scorer (A++) of Exam will get 8GB Pen Drive
  • Receive unparalleled hands-on education training on the art of Information security with personal one-on-one attention during classroom training.
  • Future assistance to every student regarding any query of classroom demonstrations or any other technical assistance.
  • Exam will be conducted on last day, after whole Training is completed.
  • Bright student will get an offer for “Internship” (working with our expert team)